Leonard Whiting

Famously played Romeo in Franco Zeffirelli’s (1968) award winning, internationally acclaimed film version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet opposite Olivia Hussey (Juliet). The part of Romeo earned Leonard a Golden Globe award.

His other stage work includes playing Artful Dodger in Lionel Bart’s musical, Oliver! He also appeared in Love For Love at the National Theatre in London, and also in Moscow and Berlin.

Leonard’s television career includes The Royal Hunt of the Sun (directed by Irving Lerner), Say Hello to Yesterday (directed by Alvin Rakoff), War is Hell (directed by Bernard Borderie), Rachel’s Man (directed by Moshe Mizrahi), Through the Childhood and Adolescence of Giacomo Casanova (directed by Luigi Comencini), and Frankenstein: The True Story (directed by Jack Smight). More recently he voiced Urpgor in the series The Deamstone.

Most recently he had a reunion with Olivia Hussey in the film Social Suicide (directed by Bruce Webb).

Master Class: Romeo and Juliet

For schools and universities – Leonard Whiting – Acclaimed internationally for
his interpretation of the role of Romeo in Zeffirelli’s Academy Award winning film, Romeo and Juliet – Will be conducting Master Classes in Shakespeare with specific reference to Romeo and Juliet.

Ever since cameras begun to roll the works of Shakespeare has inspired filmmakers to transfer his plays from stage to screen. Informed by his range of experience on both stage and screen, as an actor, writer, director and producer – Leonard Whiting brings his unique perspective to bear upon the subject of Shakespearean cinema. Utilising film clips and penetrating analysis he engages his audience in an exiting exploration of the Bard’s work.

Leonard has taught Shakespeare around the world from Great Britain , America to Russia and South Africa. The Master Classes are always tailored to the school or universities requirements. These range from a one-off class to weeks of classes. The sessions are normally about two hours long and aim to impart a love and understanding of Shakespeare’s works (iambic pentameter). They range from theatre to film and the differing styles through the ages.

The classes include film clips, discussions, practical acting/coaching and sword fighting.

Master Classes objectives

1. To explore the challenges of transferring Shakespeare from stage to screen.
2. To compare and contrast cinematic approaches overtime in the works of Shakespeare.
3. To consider the most effective methods of communicating Shakespeare stories to
contemporary audiences.

Talks and Presentations

Special “Evenings with” or cruise line shows.

1. A screening of Zeffirelli’s iconic classic film Romeo and Juliet, starring Leonard Whiting as Romeo. Followed by an inside visit to the making of and promoting the film. Also with a Q & A with the audience.
2.) A screening of Frankenstein – A True Story, in which Leonard played Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Inside visit to the making of and Shelley’s classic tale. With an audience Q & A.
3.) The National Theatre and touring behind the iron curtain with Sir Laurence Olivier.

For bookings and additional details, contact thomas@bowingtonmanagement

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